Your Coat of Arms hand embroidered

Heraldry (org.): A system of personal symbols by which a knight or burgher could be recognized.

A Coat of Arms (or family crest) is a sign, associated with a person, a family, a town or area.
Traditionally it was displayed on the shield of a knight.

Who has a Family Crest?
Most people think that only Royals or Nobility can have Family Crest, but that is not the case.
Many families have a crest from olden times, but many family members don't know that anymore.

On this web site we will help you to identify your coat of arms. We can then hand-embroider it for you.
In silk, gold and silver thread. Gorgeous.

Hand embroidered. Click on it to enlarge.

Detail of our handwork
Family crests of husband & wife. Click to enlarge
Badges for clubs, schools or personal use